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Swooper Flag Pole and Base Installation Instructions and Tips:

Installing swooper flag poles should be a simple process. Each section of pole has a crimp. Keep this crimp at the top of each section. Each section of pole slides into the larger section and the crimp stops the poles from sliding all the way to the bottom of the larger pole. The largest section of pole slides into the base.

When installing the ground spike make sure the sleeve of the ground spike is hammered at least half way into the ground. This will stabilize the setup and stop the spike portion of the ground spike from bending.

These poles are 15 ft. tall which creates great leverage in high winds. The poles will start to bend near the base in winds greater than 30 mph. We have alleviated this problem by sliding a 3.5 ft. section of 1/2" in. diameter black pipe into the bottom section of pole which slides into the base. This is found at any local hardware store at a cost of around $6.00.